I Was Electrocuted!!!

When I was a kid, I used to love playing with transformers. I was electrocuted three times.  
Transformers were and still are all the rage. It’s fun for the kids to see their car, truck or other things turn into a destructive robot. 

My son loved them. It didn’t matter to him at all what was transformed, so long as it happened. Sometimes he transformed toys into broken toys because he thought every toy should transform. 

It didn’t matter if he was sick or well, the transformers must save the world from certain destruction. When he was sick, I had to clean off the transformers every time he sneezed. 

That leads me to a question. Why do we need to say bless you, following every sneeze? After a cough, which spreads much more germs than a sneeze does. The reason goes all the way back to the days of the plague. 

A sneeze was a sign that a person may signal the beginning of the plague. Priests would bless that person, saying “May God Bless You”. It’s been shortened today to bless you. 

Since the plague is long gone, why urge the blessing following a sneeze? People will actually be offended if they don’t get their blessing following a sneeze. Here’s the point that is very confusing. Most of us sneeze more than once. If someone sneezes three times, when do we wish them a blessing? 

I have no idea, so I say it after every sneeze. It seems foolish, but I feel obligated even though I know the person is safe from the plague. 

There is a saying that is ridiculous. When someone wants to avoid something or someone, they say “I’m going to avoid it/them like the plague. That’s stupid. How hard is it to avoid the plague in this day and age? If someone said “I’m going to avoid it/them like the flu, West Nile virus, that would make sense. 

I think I will begin only saying” bless you” once following the multiple sneezes, and see how that works. I’ll let you know. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must plan a way to avoid consumption.


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