Where Have You Gone??

I was reminiscing about my kids and how wonderful it would be to have them back in their early teens. I miss the companionship, the fun, the laughter. But most of all, I miss having someone to clean up the dog crap.
I love my children dearly and now that they’re grown, two of them are married and have families of their own. Soon, their kids will be old enough to take out the trash, do the dishes, mow the yard, clean up after the dogs, slop the hogs.. Wait, they don’t live on a farm.
When I was a kid, we had to do those things all the time – and be the remote control for the TV. There were no remotes, no clickers. It was just, “Hey, turn it to channel 5. I want to watch the Red Skelton show!” Red Skelton, that was a one funny guy.
It also used to be that you could hire neighborhood kids to do chores that you didn’t want to do, including the whole dog thing. Not today. I’ve never had a kid knock on my door and ask me if they could mow my lawn for ten bucks. Never!
All the kids today have Smart Phones and they must get some pretty generous allowances, too, because they just dress better than when we were kids. Is it weird to be 58 and be jealous of a 12 year old? Sounds kinda creepy.
I wonder how much kids would charge in today’s neighborhoods for lawn care. $20? $30? I remember we used to have a big hill right behind the fence. The hill was completely covered with thistles. Big ones. It was summer time and hot. My father told me that if I cleaned off the hill, he would give me 20 bucks.
Seriously? Only $20? No way. So, the next thing I knew, he gathered the other two older boys and made us do it for free. Oh, and as a plus, he told them I turned down $20 for doing it myself. That went over well.
So, we finally worked like a chain gang and eventually got it done. And I only had to spend the night in the box twice.
See you tomorrow.
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