The Future is Here!!

I think it’s funny that the Google car has windows.

(I find it very ironic that on a blog about technology advancements I have been unable to insert photos today. πŸ˜€)

I love technology. We live in exciting times. We have watches that not only tell you what time it is, but can also track your steps, heartbeat and sleep cycles. They can also sync with popular software to help you track calories and weight loss! Oh, and they will allow text messaging, answer calls and more!

We can buy SMART TVs, 3D TVS, electric cars, HD cameras in our SMART Phones and connectivity in which we can sync all of our SMART electronics with each other and control all of it remotely, if we choose. We can also buy cars that have built in wifi! I know!

It’s crazy. If I’m out somewhere and realize that I forgot to set my DVD to record a show – no problem – I can just open an app on my phone and set it up to record. Batteries dead in the remote control? Just open an app and use your phone to operate your home theater system.  

I love it. All of it. Like millions of others, I’m an electronic gadget junkie. My collection is only limited by my budget. I wish I could afford all of it, but I can’t. It’s really ok, though because next year technology will have been updated so when I’m ready to purchase, I’ll get more for my money. 

9 thoughts on “The Future is Here!!

  1. I delight in being a grumpy old british technophobe still believing all these are passing fads, nonetheless one has to admit it’s all very fascinating. My one daughter can turn her central heating on while away from the house through an app on her phone. (I can ask my dvd player to record a programme-without the using of the manual-)


      1. (British style grumbling) ; Hah! He could be right, it’s only been around 25 or something years, the penny-farthing bicycle lasted longer I tell you! And there are still fountain-pens, why I have kept my old British Civil service clerk’s pen, a fine device of a 1/4 inch in diameter 4 inch long piece of wood, wood mark you)and a metal (yes metal my dear sir) nib firmly attached…I’ll have to stop now my dear wife is telling me it’s time for my medication…..

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  2. Thanks. I read your post and was hit by a wave of inspiration (and let my true Brit side out). The meds are OK, but I only like my Reality in small doses.(lol-high pitched)


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