Going South??

On the first day of college, the Dean was addressing the Freshman class regarding rules. He said, “the ladies dorms are south of the men’s dorms and is off limits to the young men. You will be fined $50 for the first violation, $100 for the second and $200 for the third. Are the any questions “? One guy yelled out,”How much for a season pass “?

For those of you who are frequent readers of my blog, thank you! Others have just started following it and I want to thank you as well. I’m pretty open and candid about my life, mistakes, etc. You also know that it takes something huge in my life to miss writing the blog. 


Following my recent knee replacement surgery, I have found it difficult to write. I’ve been writing for a fairly long time now and I treat it much like doing a stand up comedy show. Failure is not an option. The show must go on. I just don’t miss. Even on Christmas Day. It doesn’t matter what the day or occasion, I write my blog, post it on all of the major social media outlets, send it out to hundreds of people who like to see it via email and through other channels too. 

Lately, the pain has been so intense that I’ve been drugged pretty heavily (those who have attempted to have a conversation with me know exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks for the attempt and my apologies for the outcome. 

The good news is that I’m ahead of schedule for recovery! The bad news is that I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, which is kind of stupid because I’m not sure what relevance sleep is to a hat. 

The problem is that some days after taking pain medication, I don’t wake up until late in the day. If I can find the energy to write my blog and the mental stamina to stay awake while doing so, it will help me to also read some of my favorite bloggers’ work. 

So for the first time ever, my motivation for working has apparently gone south. Amazing. I’ve never really experienced that before. It’s a strange feeling. I wake up in the afternoon and realize that I haven’t written my blog today. My response? Oh well, I’ll write one tomorrow. What?? Tomorrow?? Have I lost my mind?

I must say that I really don’t have a lot of control over this feeling. I need the rest and the pain meds so I will do my best to fight through and write one everyday. If I don’t, please know that I really wanted to but just couldn’t do it.


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