Do it Right!!

It really ticks me off when people abbreviate their words. ‘Nuff said.

Why can’t we use the English language properly? I don’t mean Queens English, just the proper American English that we butchered from the, well, English. 

I’m going to get some of my pet peeves off of my chest, or I’ll go bonkers, which might very well be one of yours. 

“I could care less” means that you do care, to some degree. “I couldn’t care less” would imply that you really don’t care at all. So when somone tells me, “I could care less”, I always thank them which stops them in their tracks. 

Supposably is not a word! Supposedly is! I hear it all of the time and it makes me crazy. I once knew a guy who referred to the degree at which his tires might grip the road as “gription”. Gription? Are you kidding me? How about traction? This kid had graduated from high school. How?? 

We all make mistakes from time to time, but these are grown up adults who apparently just thought it wasn’t important. 

I also knew a guy who would use the created word agreeance. He would ask if we were in agreeance. I finally told him that we were in agreeance in that agreeance is not a word. He didn’t believe me. Moron. Did I mention that he was my boss? My friend, Kevin Wallace and I drove the guy crazy. 

This boss had it coming. He was a jerk to all of the staff, including sexualy harassing the female employees. The man didn’t know how to conduct a meeting, so they were long and boring. On occasion, Kevin and I looked at each other and broke out in song with an impression of George Jones, singing “He stopped loving her today”. The boss would get so angry. I still think it’s funny today. 

The boss was an avid duck hunter and had several prized stuffed ducks in his office. Once, a manager put a cigarette in one of the ducks’ bills. It was so funny, seeing that cigarette hanging from the duck. No one paid any attention to the content of the meeting. We were focused on the duck, waiting for the reaction of the boss when he finally noticed. He did, and was furious. 

Now, the manager who pulled off the joke was never known to pull practical jokes which made it all the more funny, even though Kevin and I knew that we would take the fall. After all, we were guilty 99.9% of the time. 
Wow, did I go off topic, or what? I don’t care. I feel better, and I know Kevin reads this blog and is smiling, thinking of all of the things we did to that jerk. 

Being a good boss or leader means that you ensure that there is a happy medium of fun and play, understanding that the customer always comes first. Too many leaders get that part backwards with the end result being less than great customer service, and therefore never achieve the desired results. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash the dishes. I’m still trying to make up for a very bad Valentimes Day.


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