Blind as a Bat!!!

Yesterday, someone broke into our house. Among other things, they took all of my eye glasses. I can’t believe someone robbed me blind!

When you don’t have the correct pair of eye wear, contacts, glasses etc.; it feels like you’re just lost. Kind of like losing your cell phone. I panic if I don’t have my phone. I know! We’re all that way. 
As a writer, glasses are the same way. In fact much of what I write is created on my smartphone which is in many ways better than my laptop. 


Without glasses, you’re much more likely to brush your teeth with cortisone cream, which is a horrible thing to do. It’s like swallowing gasoline. You can’t get rid of the taste. How can I make the comparison? I’ve done both. 


As a kid, I used to have a mini bike. Once, I ran out of gas. My father always kept five gallons of gasoline on hand, in case of an attack of some kind. He could pretend to be a Bruce Willis type and shoot the can, just as the marauders were close. Who knows? 


I needed some of that gas, but I was unable to lift the full five gallon can. So, I decided to syphen the gas that I needed. I got a piece of hose and prepared. I had no idea what I was doing. No clue. I remember someone telling me that you must prime the flow with your mouth. 
So, I gave it all I had in one huge effort. Nothing! Not one single drop. 

Okay, I thought, I’ll try it again. I wasn’t aware that the gasoline was just a few inches from the end of the hose. I gave it the same inhaling effort as the first time. 
All I can remember is gasping for air, emptying the gas from my stomach and choking so bad it really felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. When it was all over, I could not get rid of the taste for days. Just when I thought I succeeded, I would belch, and there it was. I sold the mini bike and have made no attempt to syphen anything since. 
Back to the cortisone cream. 

Always keep a spare set of glasses well hidden and keep the cortisone cream out of the bathroom. I think I need to get the Preparation H out of there as well.


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