I Can’t See!!!

I think public relations and those who have the knack for it are amazing. For example, due to the explosive nature of our presidential race, no one has heard anything about Rob Ford. Apparently his camp has found the key. Shut up! There are always politicians who will put their feet in their mouths if we just wait long enough. 

Some people have a knack for business, image and some don’t. The best business are ones which not only meet the needs of the customer in today’s world, but also five to ten years down the road. 

I’m not one of those people. I specifically enjoy those who become millionaires seemingly overnight by deciding that people would pay good money to own a rock for a pet. I remember people talking about how stupid it was and then buying them as novelty gifts. They were packaged very cleverly and even included instructions on how to care for your new pet rock. 

I have a friend who is amazing at turning nothing into something, and I mean a lot of something. He can create and run successful businesses simultaneously and also personally perform and promote himself. Oh, then he’ll produce big act shows without investors getting in the way. 

We lived in Southern California and he decided to produce a big show. He owned a business called “Mobile Entertainment”. It was a car stereo store that turned into a cash cow overnight. The name of his business was perfect for branching out into showbiz. 

Since he didn’t have an office and lived far enough away from Los Angeles to have a number that caller ID wouldn’t pick up as a scammer, we drove to Hollywood to do this business. How? There is a nice hotel near The Laugh Factory in Sunset Blvd. 

We went to a floor of the hotel where the bank of pay phones appeared to be used the least. Keith would call the agency contracting the talent he was after. The agents almost never answered the phone, so Keith would leave a message with the number of the payphone. Then we would wait. 

I had to keep people from using the phones. I would just tell them to go to use the phones on another floor. Then the phone would ring and I would answer, “Mobile Entertainment, how may I direct your call? Keith Stubbs? Let me ring his office”. Keith would take the phone and things progress from there. 


I’m a writer, communicator, performer and businessman. I’m good at running businesses that already exist and either taking them from bad to good or good to great. I’m just not the guy to build a business from scratch.

I just want to make and market something really silly and make a lot of money. We shall see. 


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