Goat Cheese? Please and Thank You!!

My wife said we each needed to make sacrifices to make our relationship work, so I killed a goat in our kitchen. Based on her reaction, I don’t think that’s what she had in mind.


Goats are really fun until they begin eating your clothes. You always walk away counting your fingers. With any luck, you are still intact. Note: it is important to know how many fingers you started with prior to a goat encounter, otherwise you may not be accurate. 


Goats also like to butt you. Very annoying – and embarrassing especially when giving a presentation at work. Why every petting zoo on the planet has goats is well beyond my thought process. 


I will say that they make wonderful cheese. Some don’t like it, others do. I love the stuff. It’s great on salads,sandwiches and pizza. I don’t know how they learned the trade because making cheese is a pretty complicated process from what I’m told, but who am I to question?


Goats milk is the number one milk sold in the world. That’s impressive, considering the goat produces a gallon per day, compared to 4 gallons each day for a cow. 


Once, at a petting zoo with two of my children, a goat bit my behind. Man, did that hurt! I thought it was the obnoxious child running around and bothering everyone. I learned two things that day. Be very alert around goats and it’s not ok to bite a child. 


I’m really not sure what was more embarrassing; the incident with the goat or being hauled off in hand cuffs in front of my children.

In any event, I don’t go around goats anymore. I’m not allowed to. Or petting zoos. 


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a man about black market goat cheese. It’s too expensive in stores. 


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