Tomorrow’s Church?!?

Please turn your IPad to Exodus 14. Switch on Bluetooth. Have your Debit card handy so you can tithe. Connect to the wifi with the password being Jesus. This week’s meetings will be on the whatsapp program. Wednesday Bible study will be held on Skype. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and don’t forget our weekly prayers on YouTube. 

Seriously, it could be done. Not so cold as that guy but with today’s technology, it is possible to do it. I’m glad we don’t, because it’s always good to get together with friends. Some of the friends are closer than family. 

My friend Keith Stubbs does a very funny bit in his act about church being three hours long. He also talks about using wifi and watching church on the Internet. I’m just taking it a step further. 

What if the pastor could be beamed sort of like in Star Wars? That would be cool too. I wonder what my son would think about it. I’m going to really tell him to do it. He’ll think I’m nuts but as my brother Jim says,”That ship has sailed”. 

It would be a church primarily serving geeks and nerds like me. I would love to use all of the equipment during the service. Heather will tell you that I really get excited when I “have to” use my gadgets. I just love them. What else can I say. 

Gotta go now. I need to turn on the TV. The service is about to start. 

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