18 Years???

A married couple is lying in bed on the eve of their anniversary. He says to his wife, “I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the world”! She said, “I’ll miss you”.

Heather and I will have been married for 18 years tomorrow. Really? It sure doesn’t seem like that long. At least not for me. It probably seems like a lot longer to her. It has not been an easy life for sure. There have been a lot of fun times as you might imagine, but we’ve had a lot of problems too. 

Everyone has money issues and those can usually be worked out. In our case, I’ve been sick since 2007. More than half of our marriage. It’s been pretty rough on her. When we married, I was her rock. The guy who was tough and could handle almost every situation without hesitation. 

Then one day I began having heart problems. I had a couple of procedures done and the problem was solved. The only problem was our out of pocket that we owed for it was staggering. I was hospitalized several times with diverticulitis. Eventually, I had to have that portion of the bowel removed. 

Then it was an appendicitis surgery. Then shoulder, left knee twice with no success. So Tuesday I’m going in for a knee replacement. That should do the trick. But I also have seizures that started about the same time as all of the other junk. 

The seizures changed or lives forever. I could no longer drive or do much of anything. I would still try, mind you, but too many times I ended up with the paramedics treating me. No one could determine what the problem was. Finally, the head of neurology at the University of Utah nailed it. There’s no need to get into all of the details.

I’m just saying that my wife has been a great caretaker for a long time now. I know she misses her “rock”. I miss him too. She has had to sacrifice so much for so long. It’s really tough on her but she doesn’t complain. She just understands. 

Case in point, she just got back from running errands. She came in and told me that the wheel had fallen off of her car. I’ve had that happen due to a faulty ball joint. I also remember how much it cost to fix it. The worst case scenario was running through my mind. She said she borrowed a coworkers car to bring the wheel home so I could take a look at it. 

When I went out in the garage, there was what turned out to be the most comfortable overstuffed recliner I have ever sat in. She knows that I planned on  doing most of my recovery in my older recliner, so she wanted to be sure I would be as comfortable as possible. 

Yeah, I  think the tough times are over now and it’s time to enjoy each other. I am so blessed. 

Happy anniversary, Heather! I love you!


7 thoughts on “18 Years???

  1. Happy anniversary to you both. You look so happy, I’m glad the hard times are behind you. I’m feeling a definite affinity with you. Happily married for 23 years myself, stomach issues, hopefully behind me and trying now to make the most out of life. Really happy that Kally interviewed you, otherwise I wouldn’t have found you and your blog.


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