World Cancer Day!

Dedicated to John Sebenius, Marie Murray, Terri Gibby, Shaine Mabey and others who have lost the fight or are fighting this dreadful monster. 

Today is World Cancer Day, so no joke this morning. There’s just nothing funny about this horrible disease and the number of people it impacts every day. I have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter and it seems like every day someone is asking for prayers for themselves or a loved one with this horrible monster. 

One of my closest friends is being treated for colon cancer right now. The treatment is terrible. He feels sick almost all of the time. And I mean really sick. His autoimmune system is gone so last week he contracted the swine flu! I know!

We very recently lost a dear friend and one of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of knowing in her second battle with cancer. I lost the greatest man I ever knew to stomach cancer. He was a father to me, just not a blood relative. There are more and I’m certain that you have had similar experiences with folks in your life too.

So the real question is what can we do to help battle this horrible disease? All we can do is donate time, money and other resources, everything we can to do our part. There is a group called The Hometown Heroes who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 

This foundation is different than most because John Huntsman Sr. Is a billionaire who built the center and pays the salaries of the staff so that every penny donated goes directly to the treatment of patients and research to wipe this disease out. 

There are some who believe that cancer research is big business so no one is really trying to find a cure. They say that a cure should have already been found. To that I say ridiculous. There have been many diseases that we could say the same thing about. Small pox, the plague, measles, mumps, etc. There are others, of course and every once in a while a case will pop up but it is squashed because of the research and treatments. 

Last year there was a measles breakout. Remember? Perhaps not because it was controlled and then eradicated. Each year, there are different flu strains that attack the world. Somehow, a cure is found because medical science figures it out. 

There are many illnesses without cures. Parkinsons, dimensia, alzheimers, certain types of seizures like the ones that I have and more. We don’t need more conspiracy theories, we need more money to keep the research going. 

My wife is running a half marathon for the Hometown Heroes again this year. She’s doing so even with a hip replacement. Why? We’re so tired of losing people to this horrible disease. I am including a link to her personal donation page. She wins no prizes by the amount that is donated. Remember, every penny goes to the foundation. 

Please help if you can. Give in the name of somone you have lost or is currently fighting the battle. Thank you. 

Donate here:

Heather Mabbott’s Donation Page


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