It’s Alive!!!

My son loved transformers. He was constantly playing with them. In fact, he was electrocuted three times. 

In the 80’s, I was a trainer for Circuit City. You name anything about consumer electronics and I trained on it. In fact, our whole national team did. We traveled around the country opening up new stores, spent a lot of time at the company headquarters in Richmond VA  training new hires from existing stores. 
We had a blast. At the time, Circuit City was the gorilla in the consumer electronics business. The largest in the country. We could do no wrong. Everybody was making a lot of money and it seemed like it would always be that way. 

 But around 2009, a judge ordered the liquidation of all Circuit City assets. I couldn’t believe it. So many people had their own explanations for it, some were ridiculous while others were pretty close. 

The founder’s son, Alan Wurtzel wrote a great book about the rise and fall of the once considered a top ten “Good to Great” company. He pulls no punches and when you finish you’ll know how simple it can be to bring down a giant. It’s called “Good to Great to Gone”. It’s a bittersweet, honest masterpiece of the Circuit City story. 

Circuit City was the Death Star, only they weren’t evil and they didn’t have a Darth Vader. By the way, am I the only person who thinks that when we finally saw Vader’s head, he looked like the uncle on the Adams Family? Plus James Earl Jones’ voice was used for Darth and Vader’s uniform was all black but in the end he was a white dude! That must have really ticked off Al Sharpton. 

Somone fired a shot into the only vulnerable positions and eventually blew it up. The stores were emptied. Some still stand vacant while others are now occupied by the REAL evil empire, Best Buy.  

But wait! Circuit City is alive again! Yes, alive!! It’s sort of like “Pet Sematary”. We’ll have to wait and see but we won’t have to wait long. The first store is stated to open in the summer in Texas. I know!

Here’s a link to the latest information:

You can read all of the details there. I must admit that I’m pretty excited about it. I just hope that evil cat from Pet Sematary isn’t lurking in the shadows. 



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