Cheat? Me????

I failed a test and the teacher made me take it home, have my mother sign it and return it to her. My mother asked me why I got an F. I told her it was due to absence. She said that was ridiculous because I was obviously there to flunk the test. I said, “No, not me. Glenn who sits next to me was gone that day”.

Look, I didn’t like cheating. Apparently, I didn’t mind it that much either. I took a class called Fantasy as Satire, which involved a lot of reading. I was much more interested in broadcasting, baseball and hanging out with a certain girl. Who had time to study?

I’ll tell you who. Glenn Godwin. We were friends so he would always let me copy his test papers. We thought our teacher, Mrs. Coppage didn’t know. Wrong. Fortunately, she liked me and gave me Cs. If Glenn wasn’t there, my goose was cooked. The questions were all essay type so I would ramble about things that made no sense whatsoever, but I knew she would laugh. 

Most of the time she let it slide, but not that time. She always asked me if my parents knew that I didn’t study, so this was the way to find out. It did no good. I spent my time doing things I liked. I was also very involved with student government so I also spent a lot of time doing my duties for my position. 

Plus, I needed to be the funny guy which took a little work too. On the final exam for Mrs. Coppage’s class, Glenn let me copy his answers. When we got the tests back, I was stunned to discover the that he got an A while I got a C! How could that be?

Then I read the note at the back page of the test that read, “I wonder how you and Glenn came up with the same answers and on question 7 you said the same thing, but it had nothing to do with the book.” It was Glenn’s practical joke on me so I would get busted. But, at least I got a C which wrapped up that same grade for the class. Whoo hoo!

Looking back, I wish I had done my own work, but I just didn’t care. I was going into the radio business and didn’t think “The Hobbit” would help me land a job in broadcasting. Turns out I was right. In 30 years of show business, I was never asked that question. So thank you, Mrs. Coppage and Glenn. I couldn’t have done it without your help. 

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10 thoughts on “Cheat? Me????

      1. Oh my god – for the first few months I was dying on the inside. But luckily I’ve mastered the ridiculous, not user friendly program that we use! It’s slow right now too, so I just work on my blog when I’m here 😉
        What do you do?

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      2. I was a comedian for 30 years, mixed radio in where I could. Now I write. I just produced a DVD of my last show which is marketed to raise money for cancer treatment and research. I also write books. They’re on Amazon and outside of the joke books which are awful, the others sell quite well. So, I’m still having fun.

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