The Martian???

I don’t think I’m cut out to be working on Mars. A four year commute? And that’s without traffic!


We watched “The Martian” last night. I really enjoyed the film. It was well scripted, had a believable set design and the acting was terrific. The only thing missing was Tom Hanks.  
  This is not to say that Matt Damon didn’t do a superb job in his role, it seemed a lot like “Castaway” and a little like “Gravity” too. Unlike Hanks, who really got ripped to accurately portray his character over time, I think the skinny parts from Damon were fulfilled by a stand in. I would do the same thing. You make the same amount of money and who wants to go through all of that when someone else will do it for you?

I don’t think it would have worked for Hanks. The whole second half of the film showed him shirtless so he would have only been able to shoot the first half. I don’t think that would work. They probably could have found a lookalike to perform but they would have had to try to dub the voice. It probably would have ended up looking like an old kung fu movie where nothing synced well at all. That’s what made them fun to watch. 

I blogged about Castaway and Gravity earlier (Cast Gravity Away) and this film gives even more promise of something that would have been fun. The whole spacecraft could have gone off course and landed on the island. Hanks and his common law wife, Sandra Bullock would confront the astronauts and become friends. 

It would be sort of a “Castaway meets Gravity meets Gilligans Island meets Lost” kind of film for the next one. You’d have Hanks and Bullock, the other couple from The Martian, a hottie, a couple of others and to add the Lost element, George Clooney would appear once in a while, but only to Bullock. Damon is so skinny, he would have to be the Gilligan guy. 

I just think it would be fun. Even if it was just a Saturday Night Live sketch or a weekly series or maybe just a mini series. It just needs to be done. I think I’ll write a treatment and begin submission. Maybe I’ll get an answer back in, I don’t know, maybe four years or so?

See you tomorrow. 

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