Who’s in Charge??

A factory executive noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The boss was furious. He asked the guy how much he made a week and the guy told him $400. The boss pulled out $1,600, gave it to the guy and fired him. Then he asked what the idiot was supposed to be doing. Someone said he was the pizza delivery guy, waiting to get paid. 

It pays to know your employees. Or saves, in this case. Have you ever had an executive or team walk past you without even giving you a look? It happened to me on occasion, so I would excitedly take them to every employee to introduce them and always say something positive about them. It was awesome. They stopped being afraid when we had executives in the store. 

I really like “Undercover Boss”. The person in charge thinks they know what’s going on in their locations, but quickly discover they don’t have a clue. Normally the stores are owned by franchisees who are contractually obligated to follow the lead of the organization in terms of signage, attire and procedures. 

In most cases they discover that most everything is not going as planned. But they end up learning what they need to do to fix problems that are causing issues with operating the facility efficiently. On occasion they even fire horrible employees on the show. I like that. These are people who treat customers and people they work with very badly. 

Can you imagine trying to get a job after getting fired during prime time? You’d have to become Amish to work incognito. It also amazes me that the soon to be Amish never say I’m sorry and ask for another chance. They just get mad and leave, sometimes cursing out the employer as they leave. 

I would love to conduct a job interview with one of those people. Between questions I would say “You look very familiar” and move on. Then at the end, I would say, “Now I remember! You were fired on TV for cursing at employees in front of the cameras! There’s no way I can hire you. What am I, crazy”?

So grow a beard young man or let your hair grow long and get used to wearing dresses. It’s over. Except for the pizza guy. He’s most likely using the same methodology today. 

For all of you who have said you would have loved to see me perform live, I highly recommend my DVD called “Twisted.” It is a two camera high definition shoot, edited professionally. It’s really funny and it’s the next best thing to see me live. Plus, 20% of all sales go directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Instant message me now and I’ll explain how to get one!



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