What a Moron!!

I began driving my car and became lost in a snowstorm. I didn’t panic because my Dad had told me to wait for a snow plow and follow it to safety. A plow came by so I followed it for an hour. The driver stopped and asked what I was doing. I told him about my Dad’s advice. He said, “Well, I’m finished with the Target parking lot, do you want to follow me to Best Buy”?

I loved driving in the snow. I know most people hate it but I loved it! As a comedian, I drove thousands of miles in snowstorms over my 30 year career and loved every minute of it. Some people thought I was crazy and I just told them that they didn’t know me because if they did, they would never question my insanity. 

I’m not the only one. All of my comedy friends are just as crazy. Famous or not, we all have the same mantra. The show must go on! It doesn’t matter what difficulties you are experiencing, you get there. I missed two shows in my career. 

I had to fly to Salt Lake City for a show, but a snowstorm became so bad that the airport was shut down. I had no choice. I called and canceled. I was so disappointed. The other time was just about five years ago. I had an accident on Friday afternoon and broke several ribs. I could barely breathe, let alone do a show the next day. 

But I’ve driven through very dangerous white outs and ice storms to get to the gig on time. Whatever it takes. Once I drove from a gig in Nevada to Orange County, California to shoot a couple of my local tv show. Then I immediately drove to Fresno, California for an assignment with the Discovery Channel. As soon as it was over, which was very late, I drove down to San Diego for a Cub Scout camp out with my son.

Insane? Absolutely. Part of the job? You bet. Loved every minute of it? Without question. 

See you tomorrow. 

For all of my friends who have expressed a desire to see me perform live, My new Stand Up Comedy DVD is now available! Get yours today! Just use your PayPal account to jerry.mabbott@gmail.com or send a check to me at 744 W 4400 S, Riverdale, UT 84405 for only $27, including shipping! 

And 20% of all sales goes to help cancer victims. It’s a very funny and clean DVD and was shot during my very last headlining gig. Plus bonus – gluten free! 

Facebook: Jerry Mabbott 

Twitter: @jmabbott

Blog: jerrymabbott.com


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