I’m So Angry!!

I ordered a “pair” of glasses and the scheisters only sent one!I called them about it but they just said, That’s a good one, laughed and hung up om me.

If I had ordered a pair of champagne flutes I’m pretty sure I would have received two.

Its the same way with scissors. I have to ask for a pair of scissors and only get one. Every time I get arrested they put on a pair of handcuffs… You get the idea.

Why is this even allowed in our language? There’s more, too. I put on a pair of jeans every day. But first I put on a pair of underwear. Some ladies like to wear a pair of panty hose.

I think that from now on I’m going to take it literally. If I ask for a pair of scissors and the person only gives me one, I’m going to throw a fit! I’ll do the same with a pair of underwear. I’ll leave the panty hose to the ladies. I’m an advocate but I have to draw the line somewhere.

There are certain items that would make sense calling them a pair. How about a pair of bras? That makes as much sense as a pair of pants.

There is a nice lady at the local McDonalds (It’s for a friend) who is way ahead of the game. The last time I opted for the drive through. I ordered a double cheeseburger. When I got home I saw two regular burgers in the bag.

At first I was angry but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I asked for a double cheeseburger and thats exactly what I received! A double portion of burgers. I like it.

See you tomorrow. 

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