Stupid is as Stupid Does!!

My son told me that his teacher said he was stupid. The teacher held out a yard stick, put it on my son and said,”at the end of this stick is an idiot”. I set up a meeting. All I said was, “So you pointed a yard stick at my son and said,”At the end of the yard stick there is an idiot, correct?” He said yes. I asked one question and left. I asked, which end of the yard stick were you referring to?”

I had teachers who said some pretty rough stuff to me, but I knew it was well deserved. My biology teacher once told me I was a chicken because a guy picked a fight with me in class. I didn’t think it was an appropriate so I told him I would meet him after class and he would be sorry. 

Our teacher then said to me,”What, are you chicken? Get up and finish it so we can get on with the lesson. I beat the crap out of the kid and he never bothered me again. Was the teacher cool or a moron? What if the kid had been hurt worse? I hit him hard in the face. So hard that it knocked him over the table.


I was definitely not a fighter. This kid had tried to hurt me bad in gym that day. We were learning how to use the Swedish Vaulting Horse. The dismount brought you down pretty hard. That idiot put a wood and metal chair right where I was going to come down. He was trying to injur me. 

I couldn’t let him get away with that. I had to twist at the last minute and landed off of the mat and on to the concrete. I hadn’t hurt that bad since I attempted to ride a mechanical bull. So, I would say our teacher was smart. He knew that if we fought outside we would both be in trouble. 

So here’s to all of the teachers and other educators who’s first priority. By the way, I never again had a problem with my son’s teacher. He went on to get a master’s degree. I have smart kids. 

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