A Tribute to Marie Murray

Today we lost a very dear friend. When I think of Marie, the words champion, courageous, loving, caring and other terms of true endearment come to mind. 

Marie Murray lost her nine year battle with breast cancer. She beat it once and during that time is the miracle that is Marie in action. She was so dedicated to her family but also to anyone in need. She ran with the Huntsman Hometown Heroes running group who raises money for cancer treatment and research. 

Marie raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations over the years while running and running and running. She was also there for all of the other runners too, encouraging them, rooting them on and providing inspiration to everyone around her. 

Marie embodied the quintessential spirit of selflessness in everything she did. When the only job I could find paid only commission for accounts we secured, guess who was there to sign up to help me out? Marie. And even though it was a charitable thing to do, she never made me feel that way. 


Marie was also extremely humble. Even when a local television station did a segment about her, she never mentioned it. When people, including my wife and I mentioned it, she would just say thanks and change the subject. 

Marie was a dedicated wife and mother too. I don’t know how she had any time for herself. I guess running, as it serves so many others, was her escape. Her fun time. She qualified for the Boston Marathon twice! That is a great accomplishment for any runner. Again, she was so humble about it.   

You worked so hard, my friend. Now it’s time to get the much needed rest. You gave so much to so many. Now it’s our time to let the world know all about the great human being you were. This is our gift to you. You are the reason that I give 20% of DVD sales to The Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 

You touched the hearts of so many, with permanent results. You worked hard when you could have rested. You fought cancer with all that was within you, Marie. You will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed by all you touched, including Heather and me. 


Marie’s Boston Marathon Medalion
I hope there are running trails in heaven and races to be run. We’ll know where to find you. God bless you Dan and your children. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. 

If you would like to have some laughs while also contributing to fight cancer, order my DVD today. 20%of all sales go directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 

It’s easy. Just use PayPal at jerry.mabbott@gmail.com or send a check to 744 W 4400 S, Riverdale UT 84405. $25 +$2 postage. $5 of every sale goes directly to The Huntsman Cancer Foundation. 


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