My New Year Resolutions!!!

Yesterday, Heather and I went out to eat. She ordered a big, juicy burger. I ordered a French Dip and they brought me the chef!

I resolve to never make resolutions. I fail enough already without setting myself up for failure.” ~ unknown – ok, it was me. I can’t even hold out for 30 seconds.
Why do we make silly New Years resolutions? We want more out of life? We want to be healthier? I don’t think so. My guess is that these resolutions are made in either a drunken stupor on New Years eve, or during a hangover on New Years day.

I think the intentions are there, but following the intent, only action will result in success. We really need to want to change or it just won’t happen. That will also solidify the behavior you want to change.


Examples: If I resolve to eat healthier, it ain’t gonna happen. I love cheeseburgers, hot dogs and pizza way too much. Oh, and steak. So, forget that one altogether.
Contact my friends more often:
Those of you who know me well, know that I will disappear for long periods of time, for no apparent reason. I love solitude. I love my friends very much, and I’m so grateful to have you, and that is why I love Facebook and Twitter. I can visit with my friends, and still maintain solitude. That would be a stupid resolution for me.


Play with my Smartphone less:
Yeah, right. That would be an insane resolution. I love my phone. It is my door to the outside world. My blogger. The device with which I communicate best. My wife can tell you how many times a day she tells me to put the phone down. Impossible.


Stop drinking caffeine:
I’ve attempted that many times. Moderation I can deal with. Quit altogether? Bad idea. If I did that, my new resolution would be to stop killing people.


You get the idea. If you’re going to make a resolution, make an action plan to accompany it. And accountability partner is a great idea, too. It’s awfully tough to do it on our own.

My new Stand Up Comedy DVD is now available! Get yours today! Just message me or reply and we’ll work out the details. It’s family friendly and gluten free! Just $27, including domestic shipping and 20% of every sale goes directly to The Huntsman Cancer Foundation!


If you would like a copy of my DVD, just use your PayPal account to or send a check to me at 744 W 4400 S, Riverdale, UT 84405.

It’s a very funny and clean DVD and was shot during my very last headlining gig. 
See you tomorrow 
Facebook: Jerry Mabbott 

Twitter: @jmabbott


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