I Can’t Stand Up!!

Old comedians never die. They just can’t stand up anymore. 

Yesterday, I announced my immediate retirement from stand up comedy. I’ve been doing stand up for about 30 years and I have loved it until the last couple of performances. They were really hard. The audience didn’t know it but my wife, her sister and a couple of the waitstaff recognized it and kept asking me if I was ok. I was not ok. 


That night, I knew I needed to retire. I’ve seen too many people try to hang on for years but they just didn’t have an “A game” anymore. It was sad to watch. I vowed never to be that guy. 

 Some folks don’t realize how taxing doing stand up is on most comedians. Everything needs to flow. The material must be clever and the segways are necessary to keep the flow of the show going. If it doesn’t, it makes you look like an amateur. 

That happens to new comedians but when it begins to occur in a veteran, it’s time to get help or quit. What many people don’t realize is that I’ve been getting help from doctors, psychologists and therapists for years now. They tell me that my condition is not curable and can only be managed. 

This information came straight from the head of the neurology department at the University of Utah, one of the best in the world. I even called the Mayo Clinic and was told that if the U of U thoroughly tested me and came to that conclusion, they would not be able to do any better.

I was very depressed at the time. It was horrible. I could do nothing. I had to quit my job and spend all day in the house. I couldn’t even go for a walk because I had seizures and laid there for a couple of hours until someone called 911.
I decided to make the most of being home. I began to write funny books and a couple of stand up “How to” books for new comedians. They are available on Amazon.com. Just do a search for my name and all of the books should come up. They’re inexpensive, funny and informative. 





A professional DVD captured my final performance and is available through me. You can get it using PayPal (jerry.mabbott@gmail.com) or send a check for $27 to me at 744 W 4400 S, Riverdale, Utah 84405. Either way, I guarantee you’ll have a great time again and again.
See you tomorrow. 
Facebook: Jerry Mabbott 

Twitter: @jmabbott

Blog: jerrymabbott.com

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