I’m Freezing!!!

On Christmas Eve, we always go out to eat at the nicest place within our price range. This year, a diner was continually bugging the waiter to adjust the air conditioning. First he was too cold, then too hot. The waiter was very patient and kept going back and forth per the customer’s request. I finally commended the waiter for his patience. He told me it really didn’t matter because they didn’t have an air conditioner anyway.

 We faced two dilemmas this year on Christmas Eve this year. One, the restaurant we usually went to was owned by a friend of mine and was really great. Great food, romantic atmosphere, perfect. He sold the place and not only did Heather’s favorite dish disappear, but everything was now ala cart, which made it much more expensive. 
So we went to a different place called Rubey River, a local steakhouse. It was awesome. The food was great and so was the atmosphere. A new perfect place. The steaks we ordered were still sizzling when they were served. Awesome.

 The other dilemma was that we have a long standing tradition of getting hot dogs at a 7-11 store because one year I got home late and all of the restaurants were closed. So we always get them on Christmas Eve. 

The problem this year was that right after dinner we went to Heather’s sister’s house where they were making authentic Mexican food. We ate some of that too. So when we left we decided we were too full to get the hot dogs. 

That was a mistake because I didn’t realize that we were going to stay awake until four in the morning! We wound up eating other things, regretting the decision to break the tradition. Live and learn. Bummer. From now on we will follow all of our traditions including sacrificing a cabbage patch kid for good luck the following year. 

See you tomorrow. 
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