Back to the Future IV???

If I could go back in time to 1985, I would always bet against the Miami Dolphins and become a billionaire. Every week, they get beaten like a piñata. 

You know your football team is bad when they have a huge celebration late every season without even having a winning record. On Sunday, the Dolphins celebrated the Atlanta Falcons victory over the Carolina Panthers. Do they like the Falcons? No. Do they hate the Panthers? No. 

Then what’s the deal? The 1972 Miami Dolphins team did something that no other NFL team has ever done. They won every single game, including the Super Bowl. A couple of teams came very close, but lost the Super Bowl. Specifically the Colts and the Patriots. 

Even the great Dan Marino couldn’t come close. He took his team to the Super Bowl in 1984, but lost to Joe Montana and the 49ers. I don’t know if it will ever happen again, especially with two more games during the regular season added on. 

So every year, members of the 1972 Dolphins, including head coach Don Shula, all get together each year when the last unbeaten team loses, and toasts the old team and their accomplishments. Some have called them arrogant for their annual celebration but who can blame them?

So far, they have been the only “perfect” team in the history of the game. And it’s been 43 years! I say, let them celebrate. It was an incredible accomplishment that has stood the test of time. Besides, the organization can’t even win more than half of their games and doesn’t seem like they’ll do that anytime soon, why not?  
See you tomorrow. 

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