The Perfect Hot Dog!!!

Every time one of our dogs walks across the hardwood floor I get confused and think I’m watching 60 Minutes. 

We have what we believe are the cutest and smartest dogs on the planet, which is true despite the fact that others claim the same thing. The truth is they are lying. We really DO have the cutest and smartest dogs anywhere. Why? Because they’re ours. That’s how it works, right? Its been that way with kids forever and now its become the same way with dogs. 

Its sort of frightening, to be honest. Dogs have now taken on the status of our children. Listen, you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger dog lover than me. I’ve always been a dog lover. Large and small, it makes no difference to me. Dogs are wonderful creatures who will love everyone if they’re taught to do so. But dog = child? I don’t think so. 

I realize there are exceptions. A person who lives alone and needs companionship or someone who needs a service animal. I get those situations. I know people who actually set a place at their dining table for their dog. To each his own and it’s not even my business. I’m just making an observation and I think it’s weird. 

Dogs are made to eat according to their level of height, standing on all fours. I have yet to see a dog unhappy when eating from their food bowl – on the floor. As a dog ages its good to elevate the food bowl so the little rascals don’t have back and neck pain from stretching to get the food. 

We bought a health plan for our two dogs, which turned out to be a stupid decision. We ended up paying $900 per year and the only thing free were wellness check ups. The other benefit from the program is a supposed discount on all other procedures. The odd thing about that is that the amount we owed after the discount were the same as our previous veterinarian’s regular prices. Hmmmm, do you think perhaps the animal industry has caught on to the dog = child concept?

 Don’t get me wrong. In today’s society dogs, cats and other animals have become an important part of the family. That’s understandable to most people. We love our puppies. They are both very sweet and loving dogs and wonderful gifts to us to love and take care of. We are truly blessed. 

Whatever your pet; a cat or dog, a ferret or rat, a snake, iguana or even a rock (if you’re old enough, you’ll get it), your behavior choices for your pet are up to you. Please be sure those choices are truly in the best interest of the pet, family and neighbors. 

See you tomorrow. 

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