Enough Already!!!

I love my wife dearly, but there are three words she says that I absolutely hate, and I mean hate! “While I’m gone…”   
Wives can’t stand it if their husbands sit and relax. Now, I’m not suggesting that women should do the majority of housework, but I do think we should be able to do the chores on our own time frame.  


The truth is, we do anyway. As soon as she leaves, we continue to relax, tell her to call about 20 minutes before she gets home, and then we work like crazy to get the chores done. In doing so, we work up a sweat, which gets you more points, because she thinks you worked hard the entire time she was gone. 

 My wife and I will be sitting and watching television, relaxing, and suddenly she has to go upstairs to take a shower. I continue watching TV, when she leans over the rail and says, “Hey, while I’m getting ready…” 

I think wives can’t stand the fact that they need to go somewhere, while their husband relaxes. It’s in their nature, and it really doesn’t matter what the chore. It just has to be something as mundane as “Can you clean up the kitchen?”, or “Can you put the dog’d toys away?”, which is ridiculous, because the dogs will have them back out in seconds, which makes it appear as if you didn’t do it. 

Typically, you never see a man do the same thing. We like it when our wives get to relax. We feel good about it, especially if she works outside the home. We can relate to that. We can’t relate to the very hard work domestic engineers go through, until we have to fill in. Then we get it. 

Last night, Heather came home from work and was prepared to make dinner. I insisted that she sit down and put her feet up, while I make dinner. She really appreciated it. I plan to do that each time she works until 6:30. I like it when I do unexpected things to make her feel good.

I also have started putting my phone away when we’re together, and guess what? No more honey-do lists! Every once in a while but not nearly as much as before. Knowing the shelf life of points we earn is very short, I have to be creative about what I do, and often.

Guys, there is a solution, but it takes some work and creativity. It’s worth it. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean the kitchen. 
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