Facebook Is Now Officially Wacko!!

Facebook has developed software that will allow you to *limit* the number of feeds you see from your exes. Here’s a better idea. BLOCK THEM!

I can see it now. Facebook restraining orders. Seriously, at least until (If ever) you become friends with former significant others, why in the world would you want to keep up with what they’re doing? It’s just asking for trouble.

 Fortunately for me, there has only one of mine who would prefer not to hear my voice for ever. I don’t blame her. Even though we weren’t married I inadvertently broke her heart and to this day I feel bad about it. Still I wouldn’t have wanted to keep up with what she’s doing. That’s a little more than creepy. 

Unless you have a habit of breaking up and getting back together, let it go. If you’re constantly dwelling on the *What if* scenario, you’ll never have a deeply intimate relationship with anyone else. I just read that Burt Reynolds is still pining over Sally Field. How long ago was Smokey and the Bandit? Get over it, dude. Move on.

Can you imagine someone breaking up with you and you asking if it would be ok if you still followed them on Facebook? Awkward. If someone broke things off with me, I would block the person and move on. No phone calls, No emails, nothing. Time to move on. 

Why would Facebook just limit the ex on your newsfeed? If there are children involved there obviously are arrangements made in court. It would have nothing to do with Facebook messages. Do you really want to know if the person is dating someone else? That stuff will make you crazier than Martin Lawrence on drugs.

You’re hurting. I get that. The sooner you move on the better you’ll feel. That doesn’t mean getting together with the first person that shows interest either. Those are rebound relationships and have  as much of a chance of success as a Larry King marriage. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to what Facebook says. Block the ex immediately. Block calls, emails and text messages. You’ll feel better in the long run and much faster than feeling sorry for yourself by stalking them on Facebook. 
See you tomorrow. 
Facebook: Jerry Mabbott o

Twitter: @jmabbott

Blog: jerrymabbott.com

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