5K Disaster!!!

Heather came home from work and wanted to know what I thought about signing up for a 401K. I went nuts! I said, “Are you kidding me? The most you can run now is a half marathon”!

I thought I would start running. It seemed like it would be a lot of fun. The comradary of my fellow runners would be great. I trained for and ran a 5K. I did it! My goal was to increase to a 10K and then a half marathon! I was so excited. Even my younger brother had lost a lot of weight and really loves running. What could possibly go wrong?


Two knee surgeries later and now needing a knee replacement I’m beginning to think it may not have been the best choice. What was I thinking? I knew I had bad knees to begin with but had seen amazing transformations of so many people who had lost a lot of weight by running. 

 I should have stuck to riding a stationary bike which is upstairs in our house. In the back of my mind I knew that was the better option because of the seizure problem in addition to the bad knees. 

Turns out I the meniscus was torn in my left knee. Terrific. Under the knife I go. The surgeon said I had what he calls an angry knee which is when the entire knee is swollen and inflamed. I don’t blame my knee for being angry. I almost destroyed it. 

It was still pretty stiff a couple of years later but I could ride the bike now. Cool. Then one day I fell down some stairs and tore the meniscus in the same knee again! This time the surgeon had to remove the rest of the meniscus which meant I had no more cushion between the bones that connect at the knee. 

He told me that if anything else went wrong he would have to do a knee replacement. Yikes! I know its much more common these days and once it heals there is no more pain in the knee but I still didn’t want it. Who likes surgery? I had my fill of them. I already had 11! I know!

About a month ago I was just walking across our living room when something in that same knee popped so loud that Heather heard it from across the room. The pain was pretty bad but I haven’t been seen by the doctor yet. I don’t want to. I’d rather limp until I can’t stand it anymore before I go. 

If I’m going to have something replaced, how about my brain? My current one has not served me well. I take risks without thinking things all the way through. I’m far too impulsive which might have something to do with being married four times.  

 I’ll check out the brain exchange and keep you posted. In the meantime I’ll settle for a limp. 
See you tomorrow. 
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11 thoughts on “5K Disaster!!!

      1. I’m not sure if your district area have it but it is worth a try to find other types of healing. Perhaps they can’t completely heal you but to ease your pain. Take care, my friend. I hope you are better today.


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