She Said What???

Two women who had just met at a gy were talking about how they hope to stay healthy. One woman asked the other to detail her daily routine. She said, “I eat very healthy, I exercise moderately and I drink moderately.” The other woman asked, “Is there anything else you do?” “Yes,” she said, “I lie compulsively.”

Why do people lie about what they do to either stay fit or lose weight? Some have legitimate reasons for keeping on the weight such as taking certain medications that cause weight gain. Those of us who are unable to exercise have no excuse. Find your eating plan and ideal weight online and reduce the caloric intake. 

Believe me, I know. The illness that I’m fighting generally keeps me home bound. In addition, I need a knee replacement which eliminates stationary bike riding or even taking a walk. But in my mind I’m running marathons and playing baseball. Which is not good when Heather asks me to toss her an orange. A fastball to the gut. Then I automatically get a pillow and blankets because its going to be a long night on the couch. 

I readily admit that I spend a lot of time watching tv and sleeping and I try to keep my calories down. So far it’s worked pretty well although I sometimes overdue it and need to eat fewer calories the next day. 

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday all bets are off. That is our day to acknowledgment of all we are thankful for. This is why I hate hearing or reading “Happy Turkey Day!” Its not about Turkey. It’s about being surrounded by friends and family and enjoying a nice meal together as a celebration of them. It’s also a day to invite those who are alone to join us in the festivities to remind them that they are loved too. 

Some people enjoy helping out by serving the homeless that day. Others eat and then head off to save some money and fight the Black Friday crowds. To each his own.  Turkey Day just irritates me. I’ll get over. 


See you tomorrow. 
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