Be Thankful Challenge


The Rules
– Share this image in your blog post

– Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for

– Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for

– Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part 
5 People I am Thankful for:

1. My wife, Heather. She has been my caretaker for many years. My health has been poor for the last 13 years and she is always watching over me to ensure I’m doing as well as possible. I know the fear and struggle that engulfs her knowing my condition. She never complains, she’s just there. I love her dearly. 

2. My children and grandchildren. I have three wonderful children. Sarah, Eric and Cecilee. They are each so unique and miraculous in their own way. All three are loving, caring and funny! 

Sarah and her family live in Georgia and have been blessed with three beautiful children. Katie, Isaac and Logan. She’s very interesting, intelligent, funny and very funny! Sarah is married to my fantastic son-in-law, Steve. 

Eric and his family live in Mississippi. He is the pastor of a church there. He and my amazing daughter-in-law, Lesley have been blessed with four children. Boaz, Abby, Titus and Elizabeth. They are a wonderful family too and we’re very close too and we’re very close, although not geographically. 

Cecilee is a very unique person. She is very funny and is in an improvisation troupe in the Seattle area. We mostly communicate through text messages or Facebook. Both of my daughters are beautiful as are the grandkids. Eric and I look very much alike. It’s hard to figure out which of us to feel sorry for. 😀

3. Harvey Pepper is the man that made it possible for me to audition at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He saw me goofing around in front of a group of people and making them laugh. He called me the following Tuesday to let me know that I was performing at the club that night! I’ve been doing stand up comedy for nearly 30 years.

4. Keith Stubbs. Keith and I have been dear friends since 1985. We not only worked our day jobs together, but we also performed comedy at night. We went in very different directions in the business and remained close. Keith ended up in Utah, and opened the Wiseguys chain of comedy clubs. I moved to Utah in 1996. It’s great to remain close. 

5. This is harder than I thought it would be. I have to mention another great friend, Ron Ruhman. We met in 1990, I think, where we both performed in an improvisation troupe called The Orange County Crazies. I helped him get started in stand-up and he’s been doing it ever since. 

I must also mention my siblings who I have been blessed with. John, Joanna, Sharon, Jim and Fred. They’ve all been there for me throughout the years with love and encouragement. 

5 Things in 2015 for which I am thankful:
1. Embracing my illness

I finally learned that continuing to fight my condition was actually making it worse. I’m sure that sounds crazy, but its true. The more I fought the worse it became. Since stress is the major trigger for the seizures that I have, I was causing stress attempting to fight an illness for which there is no cure. Learning more about the illness has helped me reduce stress. 

2. Learning to say no

I’ve always found it difficult to say no, which has landed me in troublesome positions more than once. It was never a big deal until I got sick. It was important to know my limitations and even if it made the other person angry, I needed to be smart enough to politely decline. If the person persisted I was not so polite. Sometimes you just have to say no. 

3. Our new home 

My wife received a promotion which allowed us to lease a much larger townhouse in a beautiful area. We now have a fenced backyard for our beloved toy schnauzer puppies. They love it and we do too. The place is also within walking distance to shopping and restaurants. As soon as I can walk there, it will be great! (I need a knee replacement)

4. My Driver

Since I no longer drive, I was basically a shut in. No longer! Utah has a companion service that provides a driver to pick me up twice a week and drive me to various locations to run errands my wife would normally have to do after a long work day.

The driver’s name is Joquin. He’s from El Salvador and speaks broken English and I speak broken so our communication is pretty much broken. We somehow make it work. 

5. Church online 

I had to stop attending church due to the seizures and I was really missing the fellowship we get by gathering with people of similar faith. Now we can virtually attend which is awesome! In addition, I can listen to podcasts of my son preaching and teaching. I’m thrilled with the technology that frees me to experience things I had lost. 

Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part. 

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