They Bought It!!

Up I came home from school in eighth grade. We got our report cards that day and my parents knew it. Naturally, I threw mine away before I got home. They asked to see them. I said, “They’re all wet.” “What do you mean, all wet?” “Well, they’re below C level.”

When I was a kid I got straight A’s until seventh grade. Suddenly, I couldn’t care less about my grades. I was the funny kid and seemed to become much more important to me. I’ve already written about my exploits as a wild antics so I’ll dig into my brain and try to figure out what goes on in there. Probably nothing.

It really prepared me for adulthood. Almost every job I got I started out with pranks. They’re great ice breakers and no one suspects the new guy. That was my leverage. I worked in a jewelry store where I played pranks on many unsuspecting coworkers. 

Little pranks that didn’t hurt anyone like I took a pencil and covered the rubber eyes on the on the microscope. Our assistant manager was talking to the couple as he examined the diamond. He finally looked at the customers and they cracked up. He looked like a raccoon. The couple bought the rings anyway and have probably told the story to a lot of people. The AM didn’t think it was funny. I still do.L

 At the jewelry store, it was just too easy. Telephone sales were a big part of the business. It was a Naturalizer store and the ladies typically bought the same shoes and in the same colors. 

A woman that I worked with used to hangout by the phone and got almost all of the phone sales. I fixed her. I took the mouth piece out of the phone. Each time she answered, the customer could hear nothing and would hang up. 

She became frustrated and walked into the small stock room we had. She had a partiality eaten apple on the table. She took a big bite out of the apple which I had thoroughly sprayed with some mouth wash that someone had brought in.   

She hurried back to the sales floor and spit out the apple. It was awesome. The same day I put plastic over the toilet with the seat up, then put the lid down. She eventually went into the bathroom and   within seconds was screaming my name. 

As for the phone, she called the phone company but before they arrived I put the mouth piece back in phone. They chewed her out about wasting their valuable time. She thought she was going crazy. As soon as the repair team left I took it out again. So much fun!

See you tomorrow. 
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