Till Death Do Us Part, Unless It Just Doesn’t Work Out !!!

Two guys were talking when one said, “Last week I got through the first step of my divorce.” The other guy said,”Wow, that’s tough. I have a really good attorney if you need one.” The other guy said, “No, I just got married.”

Well the divorce rate still stands at about 50%, and the only way to participate is to get married first. Annulments don’t count. I’ve been married four times, but one was annulled so it doesn’t really count. 

So that makes only three!! Some people ask me how could I divorced three times. It’s easy. Just get married four times. Pretty simple really. What can I say? I love honeymoons. It’s the part where you come back home that I couldn’t seem to deal with. 

Now I will say that the first one lasted nine years and the marriage I’m in now has lasted 17 years and is still very strong. I think she’s the one. We enjoy being together and I’m sure it’s because she works and I don’t. Plenty of space, a necessary element I think. 

We hangout in the evening watching tv and talking about a variety of things. Health, her workday, what we’ll do over the weekend. I still can’t go to church so we watch the services online which is really cool. The rest of Sunday is watching football. Heather likes the Bronco games but naps on the couch during the others.

We very rarely eat out anymore due to seizures. We eat healthy so instead of ordering Pizza Hut she makes a healthy pizza at home. It’s delicious although this morning she had to work and she had that “I don’t want to cook tonight” look in her eye, so I’m betting it’s a Pizza Hut night.

I cook most of the dinners and we’re eating healthy throughout the week but there are only so many bbq chicken and veggie meals a person can handle. We are both tender with each other when it comes to health issues. She is just getting over a very bad cold and she couldn’t work for four days last week. I made sure she had plenty of cold medicine and made a lot of chicken noodle soup. 

She’s the same way with the seizures that I have. We don’t talk much about those because I know it frightens her especially since I’ve had to have cpr twice now. I get it. She’s always fearful that she’s going to come home to find a dead husband. I have no attention of going anywhere. 

I hope our marriage lasts at least 17 more years. After that, who knows? I’ll be 79 which is the same age my old man left this world. Heather says and I believe her that she’ll never marry again. I’m it till death do us part. Her grandma did the same and Heather admired the decision that her grandma made. 

I know if something happened to her I would remain single. No more marriages or divorces. I would move to Georgia to be closer to my kids and grandkids. No time for dates. 

See you tomorrow. 
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