Don’t Honor Your Parents. You Must Hate Them!!

Hey, did you hear the one about the child of a gay couple being a Mormon? I haven’t either, because those kids (even if they’re straight) are not allowed to be baptized until they’re 18 and denounced their parents behavior. 

Read it for yourself:

I normally don’t write about religion but I just can’t keep my keyboard quiet on this one. Yesterday, the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) announced that they not only will excommunicate gays, but a child of any gay couple will not be able to be baptized until they are 18 and only if they denounce their parents’ behavior. 

No, I’m not kidding. I really do understand a church’s feelings about gay couples not being wanted, but the kids? That’s insane! And the only response from Mormons who all seem just fine with the decision is “I trust the Prophet and his revelations.”

Is this a decision that Jesus would make? I don’t think so, because he never said it and, yes, there were gay people in those days as well. Who was the atonement for? The righteous? No! It was a very slow and horrible death that according to the Bible Jesus willingly allowed to happen to him as redemption for ALL sinners. 

To punish the children is just something I don’t believe He would do. Read the New Testament and see what Jesus says about children. They are never condemned for the actons of their parents. So it seems a little suspect when their prophet gets a revelation like this. 

God’s word doesn’t change. There are no addendums because He changed His mind. This is hateful to the children of gay parents. If you don’t want to baptize gay people, I get that but to deny baptism to the children? Pure hatred. 

I absolutely despise the decision that men made. I certainly don’t believe this came from God, who loves children so much. It sickens me. All of those who are ostracized from LDS churches are welcome at most any church that follows Jesus and his teachings. I’m not saying there are no wacky pastors out there who might do the same thing, but it’s only a handful and you can move to a different church. 

God is never pleased with sin, but He loves everyone. Especially the children. 

See you tomorrow. 
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