National Sandwich Day!!!

Subway is giving a free sandwich with every sandwich sold today to give to a friend. Being a prankster, I think I would load the free one with jalapeños and hot sauce. That would be funny but I need to be sure to give it to someone who can’t beat me up. 

The lines are likely to be very long at any Subway Sandwich franchise today. The process is already slow enough anyway and adding a free sandwich to the mix is going to make the place insane! Free food attracts people like Chris Christie on Thanksgiving. 

There will be people from offices across the country who will take advantage of the offer. The poor schmuck who draws the short straw will be completely worn out by the time he’s finished and will still have a couple of hours of work to do. He’ll also have the ugly chore of come back with all sandwiches made correctly. 

Seriously, if I were that guy and saw a huge line at Subway, I would just take the money given to me by my coworkers and head for Mexico. In my first retail job, the manager sent me to the bank to make our daily deposit. We walked outside and he pointed toward the bank. He said, “Bank” then pointed south and said, “Mexico. Your choice.”

Ordering all of the sandwiches is much like ordering several drinks at Starbucks. I practice the weird name for the drinks but when its my turn to order I freeze. My wife always asks me to get a “White tan mocha with an extra shot, extra ice and no whipped cream.” Like I’m going to remember that. So I bring her back delicious hot black coffee. 

Good luck to the poor people who get stuck on what is sure to be Subway’s version of Black Friday. Long lines and angry people on both sides of the counter. Plus you know some of these shops are going to run out of the most popular items. Then the trouble begins. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t need to go but does it anyway, I have no empathy for you. You’re putting yourself in that position voluntarily, just like the Black Friday maniacs. I wouldn’t do it if they gave out free sandwiches and $5. My time and pride are worth more than spending that kind of time standing in line. 

The thing to do would be to order over the phone and have them call you when it’s ready. That way you can pass by the line and pay quickly and get the heck out of there. The only thing you risk is being throat punched by someone who has been waiting for an hour. 

I can’t wait to watch the news tonight to see video from all of crazy happenings at Subway restaurants. I think this will be a Jimmy John’s day. 

See you tomorrow. 
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