Dinosaurs In My Head!!

Note to the whole world: if you ever see anything that even resembles a dinosaur egg, destroy it!

Note to self: never watch a scary movie again. 

Note to Steven Spielberg: thanks for the seizure. 

Obviously we watched Jurrasic World last night which was pretty good if you enjoy watching people being eaten and stomped to death. Most people must, or Spielberg wouldn’t keep making them. 

I won’t spoil the plot but do I even need to? It’s sort of like the Jaws series. If you decide to watch one you know exactly what you’re going to witness. I don’t enjoy any movie or tv show where people brutality lose their lives. I like Dateline and 48 hours mystery but only because I know the bad people will go to prison. 

I even enjoy Baltimore Ravens games even though I know they’re going to get killed every time. This time of year all of the really scary movies come back or new ones hit the screen. No thank you. Some things cannot be unseen. Those images will be forever etched in your brain. 

Its the same reason I don’t go to the haunted houses. I don’t need to be chased by a deranged maniac wielding a chainsaw. I can get that at home for free. It’s happened more than once. 

If I really want to be scared I’ll get my exes in a room together and let them compare notes. That will strike tremendous fear in any man. I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. For some it’s their favorite holiday. To each his own. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy giving candy to the kids dressed in their costumes. That is fun!

The celebration began in England in the 1800s when the poor would beg for food. The masks, so we’re told were originally worn to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. Who really knows if it’s true? Certainly not me, but on the bright side I can stay in the comfort of my home and just give out candy to grateful little goblins. My wife will try to get me to watch a scary movie, but I’ll hide out in my office instead. 

See you tomorrow. 
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