Get Out of My Lane!!

Freeway lanes should be designated as NASCAR wannabe, normal driver, old geizer doing 40 in a 70, where the heck am I and I come from a foreign land where traffic laws are merely suggestions. 

In every state there seem to be crazy drivers. In Southern California its an everyone for themselves mentally. In Idaho its watch out, there are way too many old geizers on the road. In Utah, no one slows down for pedestrians. Its like playing frogger to cross a street.

I can’t tell you how many times Heather and I narrowly missed being run down in a parking lot. I know! I’ve written about the crazy driving in France and Turkey, but this is where we live! Here’s the real part that is nuts. If there’s a long line of traffic here, the same person who just tried to make you part of the parking lot will let you in to the line. I find that psychotic.

In Idaho and specifically Pocatello there is a very high population of elderly folks who will change lanes without signaling or even looking. No joke. If you find yourself driving next to one of these insane motorists who should have had their license permanently revoked years before, you have to be prepared to swerve or slam on the breaks on a moments notice. 

I’ve never driven in New York and for good reason. I would imagine its not as bad as in city but if you work in the city forget about it. That’s why the subways are so popular. People would rather fight muggers than traffic. There are also so many taxi cabs there. Who really needs to drive? I think if I lived in New York I would ride a scooter painted a very loud and obnoxious bright orange. People would no doubt curse at me but they would certainly see me. Nice trade off. 

I haven’t even mentioned student drivers. Whenever I see a bumper sticker indicating someone behind the wheel is just learning, I gun it to pass them. Its bad enough to deal with the maniacs already out there than with youngsters who are preparing to become psychos on the roadway. 

With any luck I’ll see you tomorrow. 

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