Stop Pulling My Ear Hair!!

I think older men get a lot of ear hair because they forget to wash their hands after using Rogaine. 
When I was doing morning radio my cohost and I created a very funny soap opera called “The Adventures of Ernie and Sophie”. They were siblings that were always getting into some ridiculous situation. In one of the episodes, Sophie was trying to get Ernie’s attention but he wasn’t listening. Then he said “Stop pulling my ear hair”. 

So far the only hair issue I have is nose hair. Even then, there’s very little. I have a nose hair trimmer but we recently moved and I can’t find it. Before I got that I used my trusty Swiss Army knife. It had small and sharp scissors on it but I can’t find it either. 

So I’m left with using the big scissors from the kitchen. Every kitchen has at least one pair (yet another plurality issue) of scissors, right? I think it’s a law or something. I could kill my self with those things and yet when my wife complains about the hair I risk my life with the big scissors. 

I can’t get to the store myself and she refuses to buy either a nose hair trimmer or another Swiss Army knife so I’m pretty much stuck. Wait! There’s always! I have a credit card with only my name on it and I pay the bill so she won’t even know! Sweet!

I love You can get just about anything you want (shameless plug: including my books) shipped to pretty much anywhere you want. If the item is broken or you just don’t like it they will send you a pre-paid shipping label via email immediately. Not only that, they refund your money within a day or two. 

Did I mention I have six books available on Amazon? Some are available in kindle format too. The best ones are “The Twisted Musings of a Comedian”, volumes one and two and two stand up comedy “How To” books. 

Back on topic. I see old guys with tons of hair in their ears and nose. It makes me wonder how they see or breathe. I think if that happens to me I will find a place that safely removes the hair and just keep them on retainer. You know it will come back with a vengeance so you need to be prepared. 

In the meantime, stay away from the Rogaine!


See you tomorrow. 
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Twitter: @jmabbott



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