Kidney Pie???

“I have a kidney shaped pool with a stone in it”.   ~Rodney Dangerfield

15 years ago yesterday I donated a kidney to my nephew. I’m not saying this to get accolades of any kind. I’ve been on a crusade since then to get others to think about doing the same. Why?

Every year many people die while waiting for a kidney. The list of those in need bulges over 3,000 people! Dialysis takes it’s toll on the body and for many it’s a death sentence. Unfortunately, my kidney was eventually rejected by my nephew’s body (something I’ll never forgive him for) and he received a kidney from a cadaver that is working just fine. 

I work with the Intermountain Donor Services in an effort just to get people to indicate they are a donor on their drivers license. People are afraid to be a donor for all sorts of reasons but the biggest one is they think if the doctor knows they’re a donor, he will just let them die in order to harvest their organs. 


That is very far from the truth. The medical team will work as hard as they can to save you (unless you’re a jerk) as on any other patient. Otherwise the organs will simply rot away in decomposition doing no one any good at all. 

Don’t be afraid. Get the donor marked on your drivers license. God forbid if anything should happen to you, wouldn’t it be great to give someone life or sight? What an amazing gift! And all it takes is that mark on your drivers license. How hard is that?

As far as live donations which can consist of a kidney, a portion of the liver (which will grow back) and bone marrow. I can tell you that my other kidney works just fine. It grows some in order to process twice what it used to, but I can do everything I used to do except eat a high protein diet. No big deal. 

I’m getting ready to donate bone marrow very soon. I’ll keep you posted on what it was like. In the meantime please consider either becoming a donor after the fact or a living donor. 

As for my nephew? Due to the kindness of others he is now happily married with a beautiful daughter, a great job and a wonderful life. He would not be with us without it. 

See you tomorrow. 
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