Give Me Your Spare Change!!

Yesterday I saw a homeless man with a sign that read, “This could be you someday “. So I put the dollar I was going to give him back in my pocket because what if he’s right?

I have empathy for most homeless people. Not so much the people who choose that option, but more for the people who end up in that predicament. Everyone has a story about how we arrived where we are. Some look down on the homeless but we are no better or worse people. 

Do I believe in drug testing prior to welfare? Absolutely, but I think there should be rehabilitation centers they can go to in order to get clean and try it again and then tests again during a time frame when seeking more benefits. Utah has the best program in the country   We actually give apartments to the homeless.

At first people were up in arms (weird phrase) over it, but it has been less expensive when you consider the cost of incarceration and hospital stays. In addition, it gives those who want to work a home address which makes it easier to find employment. It’s an awesome program which other states are examining. 

I was nearly homeless. I moved to San Luis Obispo and could only find low paying jobs. I could barely cover rent. I went without food of any kind for a week. My brother Fred found out and was very upset that I didn’t tell him. He invited me for dinner that night and gave me some money. To this very day I have to have peanut butter, crackers and bread in the pantry. 

I was too proud or stupid to go to the food bank or soup kitchen. It seems ridiculous now but at the time I just couldn’t seem to do it. Please learn from my mistake. If you’re hungry, have no money and are running out of food, please seek help immediately. There is no reason to go hungry. 

As for the guy with the sign, I did give him some money. 

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