The Whacky World of Stand Up Comedy!!

Rick and his father had to meet with the school principal. Mr. Talbot, I’m concerned about your son. His teacher asked the class who shot Abraham Lincoln.  Rick said he didn’t do it. Mr Talbot said, “Well if my son says he didn’t do it, I believe him”. On the way home, Mr. Talbot asked his son, “Tell me the truth, Rick. Did you do it?”

Yeah stupid I know. But in the world of comedy you never know what kind of crowd you’re going to face. For example last Wednesday we did a cowboy bar in Wyoming then on Thursday we played I completely type of venue and we still had fun.

Although there was a table full of knuckleheads and in part of my act I ask people who is 50 years old or older and this lady at the table turned around and angrily yelled at me I’m 47 so what of it. I said nothing really I was just trying to find out how many people would fit into my joke. It didn’t even phase her she turned around in her chair so she wouldn’t have to see and she just wouldn’t shut up. She reminded me of Rick’s father.

The guy I was working with, my friend Todd Johnson went over to the table and ask them to whisper if they were going to talk. The woman said no so Todd asked her if she knew how to whisper and the woman said of course she did so Todd said but why don’t you start now. They all got up and left. As a comedian you never want to cause people to leave the business. So I went to our MC and apologized for walking that table. He told me that he was glad that they left so that made me feel a lot better. Commonly is just crazy you never know what you’re going to walk into.

I must say it was very good to be back out on the road again I didn’t realize how much I missed it and even though four days on the road can be pretty tough on me physically, I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I’m back home doing shows here locally. That means four shows in four nights. I just needed to prove to myself that I could still do it. And I did.

The second show was in Pocatello Idaho, where I had done morning radio for quite some time and people still remember me which made me feel really good. I went to see the owner of the radio stations where are used to work and he was very very sweet to me and that made me feel really really good so I’m going to go and have lunch with him sometime. He said he wanted to. So coming home sort of full circle was a really good thing.

All of the shows were good and I didn’t have one seizure. My friend Rodney Norman, was kind enough to lend me a machine that has headphones and eyeglasses and they really really work to stop a seizure from happening even when I feel one coming on. That helped a great deal and I’m going to buy the machine from him and take it everywhere I go so that if I feel like I’m having a seizure I can just put the glasses in the headphones on and alleviate the seizure all together.

It’s a great invention and I would love to think the person who invented although I have no idea who that is but it’s nice to finally have the seizures stop.

See you tomorrow. 

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Twitter: @jmabbott


“Well teacher” said Smith, “if my kid said he didn’t do it — he didn’t do it!”

Father and son left the school, and on their way home, Smith turned to the boy and asked, “Tell me son, did you do it?”


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