Ha! The Joke’s On You!!

An old man practiced black  magic. Each time he fought  with his wife he would yell, “When I die, I’m going to dig myself out of my grave and haunt you for the rest of your life”! He finally died and her neighbors asked if she was afraid that he would haunt her. “Not a chance”, she said. “I had him buried upside down”.

Brilliant! Some people are very good at planning. I’m not one of those people. Give me direction and it will be done perfectly, every time. I take great pride in my work. I don’t care what it takes, it will be done perfectly. No obstacles are too big. 

A friend of ours asked me if I knew anyone who could repair her daughter’s laptop because she would get a blue screen each time telling her that her hard drive needed to be repaired. I told her that ask long as it was a software problem, I could fix it. 

Kayleigh brought me the laptop and it was working perfectly within a few hours. The problem was that in haste she would power down the computer and then close it up. Many people do that, but the problem is that the hard drive never gets to shut down properly and will eventually be problematic. 

Users need to be patient with computers. They are machines run by software. Especially on older devices, people need to be patient. If you’re downloading software, be patient until it has completed. If you’re running late, download it later when you have more time. 

Believe me, I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve ruined computers by creating particians in a hard drive without really knowing what I was doing. I just don’t want anyone else to make those mistakes. So, if you have a laptop which has a software problem, don’t take it to a place and pay hundreds of dollars. Send it to me. Normally it’s a 24 hour turn around for $50 plus shipping, if applicable.  

See you tomorrow. 
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