Remembering Evan Sebenius. 

One year ago today, Evan Sebenius passed away while running a half marathon in Washington state. Many lives were changed. Only for the better. How can that be? Obviously his family and friends hurt tremendously and that pain never goes away. This is going to be a very tough day for the entire Sebenius family and especially for his parents and brothers. 

It doesn’t end there. Evan Sebenius touched so many lives in so many ways. It really became evident when the cards, letters and donations came pouring in, mostly from people the Sebenius family didn’t know. 

Evan was one of the special people who touched so many lives that the impact of his journey here on earth had so abruptly ended, so many people were impacted. His parents had no idea just how many. Donations poured in to the Go Fund Me program which was created to help with the family’s immediate needs.  


It what the rest of the money was used for which gave us a clue into this amazing young man and how he always seemed to place others before himself. He had started to build a small vineyard on the family property with the help of his brothers, Aaron and Beck. 

Evan made a very handsome living working for Microsoft’s XBox division. He was footing the bill for everything required to create the vineyard. That’s just who he was. The Go Fund Me program yielded more than $33,000! In addition, Frank and Linda read card after card, letter after letter telling them how much Evan meant to them. 

They already knew that Evan was a special young man but I don’t think they knew just how special he really was until the messages and donations came pouring in. So many began with “You don’t know me but…”

The entire Sebenius family has always lived by the code of ethics that they would help anyone in need of help. The patriarch of the clan set the perfect example. He was an amazing man who always put others needs before his own. I had married into the family, but was already an adopted member because Frank and I have been close friends since we were 12 years old. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times John (Dad) shook my hand only to pass money to me because he knew I was in need. The Sebenius children grew up with the same values and obviously so did their children. Kathy Sebenius and I divorced in 1986, but I’m still a member of the family, as is my wife of 17 years. 

That’s who they are and Evan carried that torched with him,wherever he went. He was an amazing young man who is missed more than life words can express. By the way, the vineyard yielded some grapes this year. Not enough to make wine yet, but one day it will and Evan will again be remembered in a very special way. 

Evan was my nephew, and I really miss him. That void will never be filled. 

See you tomorrow. 

Facebook: Jerry Mabbott 

Twitter: @jmabbott



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