Water Boarding!!

Yesterday, I couldn’t remember the logon to my bank account, so I water boarded myself until I remembered. That stuff really works!

We all have so many logons and passwords to remember. How do you keep track? I know you’re not supposed to use the same ones for each account, and I don’t want to put them on a notepad on the phone. So what works best? I couldn’t even remember my locker combination in Junior High and High School. How can I be expected to learn all of this stuff now?

I thought I found my answer in fingerprint technology. I could make notes on the phone and only I could get to the information. It worked like a charm the first day, but the next morning, it failed. I swear I didn’t sand off my finger print. I just couldn’t get it to work. After a 60 minute chat with an Apple tech, I had to reset the phone again. 

Since the finger print thing didn’t work out so well, I wasn’t about to use any system to get into it. Just one more password to remember. I remind you once again about the lockers. I know there are programs out there where you can safely store the information, but there’s a password involved there to, right?


Man, I think I’m in trouble on this one. Someone didn’t think this through. I realize it’s a smartphone, but what if the smartphone is operated by a moron? I don’t think there’s a contingency plan. Just because 99% of our population can figure it out doesn’t mean that I can. 

So, if you found something that works well for you and you’re not an MIT grad, please help a brother out. Please comment and give me some ideas. Thanks!

See you tomorrow. 

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