Get Off The Stage!!

When I was just starting out in comedy, I was bombing badly. I decided to do the only magic trick I knew. It was at a restaurant and i asked for an egg. One guy yelled,”If we had an egg, we would have thrown it a long time ago”!

Ah, showbiz. The truth of the matter is that it is vitally important to bomb. It’s necessary for handling unruly crowds when your not doing so well. And I’m not talking about harsh or rude comebacks. Anyone can do that. How do you handle a sober heckler?

It’s really not that tough. If he/she yells out something that fits with your bit there is no need to hammer them. Give them props. As long as the person is sober, they most likely shut up. They got their acknowledgement and that should suffice. 

A drunk person is different. Normally they won’t shut up no matter what you do. Hopefully management will calm them down or ask them to leave. It’s not your fault when this happens unless you provoked them. Better to just ignore them. 

When you’re new to the business it’s a lot more scary than you thought it might be. It’s just you, a microphone and usually a stool of some kind. I’ve done many shows with no microphone. In fact, I just did one last week. We had a great time. It’s all about the audience. 

Being new is really hard. You don’t think you’re going to be funny, you’re afraid you’ll forget what you’re supposed to say. You’re afraid you’ll get heckled, etc. I once did a show with a guy who was so scared, he had perspiration running all the way down both arms all the way to his pants. 

It takes a while to get to the point where you have enough confidence so you don’t get nervous when you hit the stage. That’s why most comics have a day job until they can make a living at it. Few find fame and fortune. Most are fortunate to make a living doing what they love. 

I have a great book on that will teach you how to get started, how to write jokes that will make strangers laugh, how to get booked and more. If you want to take a look, Click here!

In the meantime, watch out for those eggs!

See you tomorrow. 

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Twitter: @jmabbott



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