Make BIG Money!!

I don’t know too many people who make a lot of money. My uncle made big money. Turns out just about 1/8th of an inch too big. I never saw him again.  


It’s strange, not working outside the home. I thought I might get lonely, but I don’t. I keep busy. Too busy. I’m sick and need to rest, but I have a difficult time doing it.

My wife, Heather, is working at a credit union and doing a ton of comedy, for which we are very grateful. She is a very funny lady. Very funny, but someone has to book her. I have started doing some comedy again, so that helps too. 

Keith Stubbs, a great friend since 1985, has booked Heather consistently for the last few years. She is the best emcee in the state, and he also knew we needed money. He’s a great guy, with a big heart – and extremely talented as a radio host (voted best 8 years in a row), comedian and business man.

I, too, once had a number one rated radio show, did stand up for decades, owned a production company, ran a 22 store retail chain…. way too much.
That’s why I’m unable to do much these days. If you burn the candle at both ends (I’ve never actually witnessed it), you eventually run out of wax. Burn out is one theory for causing the illness.

Remember the phrase “Stop and smell the roses”? Please do it. It’s not worth the effects of complete burn out. I used to tell people that I was packing 90 years of living into 40. Unfortunately, that turned out to be true.

My friends, I beg you; slow down. Spend more time with your family. In the end, that’s what matters most.

I need a nap.
See you tomorrow.

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