Terrorist Cowards!!

Donald Trump said that he hoped Osama bin Laden suffered a lot. It looks like he got his wish, because the CIA said bin Laden spent his last hour watching Celebrity Apprentice. 

Today is a bittersweet day for me. The most cowardly and costly terrorist attack on American soil took place, with bin Laden at the wheel. Why bittersweet? Because 19 years ago, I met my wife, Heather. Of course that was long before the cowardly attack, but still, it is still difficult to celebrate that special occasion. 

I often think we should have left him alive and made him go through airport security for the rest of his miserable life. That would have eventually killed him anyway. Those of you who fly a lot know what I mean. There are only so many TA security lines you can go through before your head explodes. 

 Instead, we’re told they threw him into the ocean, which was really not fair to the ocean because it had already had a tough year. The big oil spill, the contaminating nuclear meltdown in Japan and now they threw that cowardly jerk in there too. I’m surprised they ocean didn’t spit him back out. 

In retrospect, perhaps the ocean was a great place for the coward after all. Where would they bury him? No community would want him. It would be just as tough finding a burial place for the coward as it is in Utah, trying to find a place to relocate the old prison. 

Most everyone remembers where they were when the attack was first announced. God bless the first responders, many of whom paid the ultimate price for their service. Most didn’t even think of themselves, they just went in to try to get as many people out of there. 

God bless every single person who died or was injured that fateful day. Some people are still battling lung disease from inhaling ashes from the destruction. God bless the families of those killed or injured. God bless the team that found him and killed the coward. 

I really think it was Mark Wahlberg who actually pulled the trigger after announcing, “Hey, I’m here to fix the cable”. Somewhere, probably Boston, Wahlberg is cleaning his gun and saying, “Heh, heh, heh”. 

In any event, we will not be celebrating our special day, ever. Something so dastardly and tragic trumps our little celebration. 

May the coward burn in hell. 

See you tomorrow. 
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