Bachelor in Paradise???

I saw Mark Harmon on the Tonight Show recently, and he divulged that he had been on the Dating Game twice. Once as a contestant, where he wasn’t chosen, and once as the guy who picked the girl. The funniest thing was he said they never even went on a date. They each took the money they earned from the show and went their separate ways.


Today’s dating shows are much more complicated. They last for weeks and there are a lot more contestants than in those early years. Today’s shows, such as Bachelor in Paradise, are full of dates, hook ups and an awful lot of crying.


My niece, Juelia Kinney is on this show after a stint on The Bachelor last season. She wasn’t chosen, but she showed America what kind of person she is. Everyone loved Juelia. What’s not to love? Amazing personality, a heart of gold, beautiful and a great mother as well.


She was asked to come on Bachelor in Paradise, which is typically a pretty sleazy show, but Juelia remained true to form. She didn’t hook up with anyone. That’s not to say that she didn’t go on dates, because she did.The second guy, Joe, really played with her emotions. He took her on a romantic date, a picnic at a gorgeous pond and waterfall. He knew everything she had been through in her life, and if you’re reading this, you probably know too, so I won’t dwell on it.


What I say, is that Joe turned out to be one of the biggest scum bags on the planet. It turns out that he had been in contact with Samantha, one of the women who would appear in the next episode, following the rose ceremony. Joe made it clear to a number of people that he had just played Juelia in order to get a rose to stay in the game until Samantha arrived, in the meantime, he completely ignored Juelia, while some of the guys tried to warn her that Joe’s intentions were not good.


Juelia always tries to see the best in people, so she overlooked what she was being told. She believed Joe. She had no idea what a creep he was and what a backstabber her supposed friend Samantha turned out to be.


But, it you watched last week’s After Paradise saw that Juelia is just fine. She always will be and she doesn’t want anyone to see her that way.

See you tomorrow.

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