Things NOT To Say To A Cop!!

Note to self : don’t ever do this again! I have written about my incredibly fast car in this blog. I remembered an incident this morning that I had to share with you. I got pulled over once and the cop said, “I have been waiting for you all day”. I said,” I got here as fast I could”. Cost me $300!


Many police officers have a great sense of humor, or really appreciate complete honesty. I’ve had my share of both. I will recount some of each in today’s blog.


The worst was when my headlights were out, but I didn’t know it because the outside lighting was so bright, even at night. I saw an unmarked car behind me with a red light on top and it was flashing.


In that area, I was never going to pull over. Who knows who they are? I had a friends three small children in the car with me and my first instinct was to protect them at all costs. We stopped at a red light and the next thing I knew, one of the officers slammed his badge against my window and scared me senseless.


I pulled over and I explained that I was unaware that my headlights weren’t working. He didn’t care. He seemed to be seething about the fact that I didn’t pull right over. He was a jerk through the entire ticket issuing process. He wrote it up as a moving citation.


The next day, I called the police station and lodged a complaint against the officer. The Sargent that I spoke with said that this officer had received a lot of complaints and was on his way out.


When I went to court, I fought it, of course, the judge looked at it and said, “This matter was just an equipment malfunction and not a moving violation”.  The charge was dismissed and the judge asked me if I had proof that the problem had been resolved. I said, “Your honor, it’s an older Rambler and it’s dead. He just laughed and let me go.


Later on, I heard that officer was fired. Good riddance. Police officers are there to protect and defend the citizenry. They take an oath stating as much when they’re sworn it at graduation. This guy clearly had his own agenda. He obviously hated the public and was out to prove it.

I know plenty of great police officers. In fact, each time I see one outside his vehicle, I shake their hand and thank them for their service to the community. There reaction is awesome. They smile and say thank you. Their so used to getting harassed, they are pleasantly surprised by the word of thanks.

See you tomorrow.

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