Wedded TV Bliss!!

I asked Heather “Why do you cry over a TV show that’s full of people you’ve never even met”? Heather said, “For the same reason you scream and yell when men you don’t know score a touchdown”. Touché.


The NFL Hall of Fame Game officially kicked off the preseason portion of this year’s schedule. It is typically a sneak peek at players who are fighting for a spot on the opening day roster. So, in my opinion, the score is meaningless.


In last night’s game, the Minnesota Vikings knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers 14 – 3. A year from now, or even a few months from now, no one will remember the score. What fans will remember are breakthrough performances by young players. Apparently, there were none last night.


I didn’t watch the game, although I will admit that I recorded it on my dvr. I really wanted to watch it, but I also knew that Heather would override my decision, much like replay challenges. She’s the ref. So, I’ll watch at least part of the game today.


I’ll also be catching up on “The Bachelor in Paradise”. No, I normally wouldn’t watch any of the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows. But this year, my niece, Juelia Kinney was on “The Bachelor” and is currently on “The Bachelor in Paradise”, so I want to watch.


I’m getting pretty tired of most of the reality TV shows, and there are more coming this fall, including a couple of Hollywood families. I couldn’t care less what these people do when they’re not working. To me, they act out because they’re on camera, so there’s enough drama to keep their fans’ attention.


In the fall, I prefer the reality shows called Pro Football Games. You still have a lot of drama going on, clubhouse pranks that go too far, players getting arrested for domestic violence or getting in a bar fight. Guys using illegal substances or deflating footballs.


There’s something about being emotionally invested in a team who is fighting every other team in their respective divisions for a shot at the Superbowl. The NFL and “Survivor” Are my favorite reality shows. Oh, and “The Bachelor” series, this year.


See you tomorrow.

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