I Did It!!

An 82 year-old man went to see his Doctor for a physical. The next week, the Doctor saw him with a stunning young woman. The Doctor whispered to the man, “You’re really doing well, aren’t you?” The man said, “I’m only doing what you said, Doc, get a hot mamma and be cheerful.” The Doctor said, “I told you you’ve got a heart murmur; be careful.”


Many of you know that I have a neurological condition that causes me to have seizures, triggered by the slightest amount of stress. I was told by a leading neurologist in the country that I would never improve. Well, I’m sure she would be glad to hear that she was wrong!


I am unable to have a job, yet, or travel much to do stand up, but after three long years of fighting this junk, I finally got back on stage and now I can headline again! That was truly a milestone in this journey.


Last week, we were on vacation in Las Vegas. I was worried about going through the casino to register and get to our room. We weren’t going to spend time in the casinos, and the room was free for two nights, so we decided to stay there.


As soon as we walked into the casino, we were instantly bombarded with the sheer volume of the incredible cocktail of sound that can only emanate from a casino, so many people and a time share pitch before we knew what hit us.


Then across the casino we went, in search of the registration desk. We finally made it to the desk but there was a long line of people waiting to check in. I could feel a seizure trying to overtake me. I decided to fight back. I focused on one thing and kept telling myself, “You’re not a victim, you’re a victor”! I know what you’re thinking. My name is not Victor. Wacka Wacka.


I kept fighting on, feeling awful, but unwilling to give in. I prayed silently because I knew that if I was going to get through this, I needed the right attitude, God’s and Heather’s help. It took a long time and I did become disoriented, partially by the carpet design mixed with all of the noise.


Finally, we got to our room. Peace, quiet. I made it!! Another milestone! I struggled from time to time during the trip, but I didn’t have a seizure! I have to be careful not to go overboard at times like these, because I have a tendency to assume that since I made it through all of that, I can do anything.


Yesterday, we took our car in for a diagnostic to be sure the engine was sound and get the oil changed. Following the diagnostic, I jumped in the car and drove it over to the building right next to us to get the oil changed. I instantly felt awful, parked it and got out of the car.


This morning, I cleaned the kitchen way too fast and as soon as I was finished, I knew I needed to lie down. Crazy, eh? But my point is that whatever it is that you’re going through, never give up! Even if you’re told you won’t be able to do things that you really want to do, never give up! Ever!


My next two challenges are to find a part time job at home and to drive again. The deal is that if I don’t have a seizure for three months, I will make very short drives for a while, increasing distances in small increments. If I have a seizure, anywhere and for any reason, the three month window begins again.

Even if this is as good as it gets, I’m a happy camper. But I will continue to fight and never give in. I will never stop trying!

See you tomorrow.

Facebook: Jerry Mabbott
Twitter: @jmabbott
Web: http://jerrymabbott.com


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