Casual Dating???

In today’s world of technology and texting, taking a relationship to the next level means actually speaking.


Texting, in my opinion, has gone out of control. Everybody seems to want to text, rather than actually have an audible, engaged conversation with someone else. I know people are busy, so it’s easier to text because the recipient is not obligated to respond until they’re ready.


I’m just as guilty as everyone else. In fact, there are times in the evening when Heather and I are both checking out Facebook right next to each other, me in my recliner, she on the couch. I’ll send her a text, just saying “How’s it going”? Without even looking, she says, “Fine”.


Obviously, I’m kidding around, but I do know some friends of ours who do text each other all the time from within their house. He works on his computer upstairs and she is downstairs. Instead of trying to yell to communicate, they text. That makes sense. Or maybe a call would be better. I don’t know, they do what’s best for them.


I usually use Facebook messaging. That seems to work well because so many people are paying attention to Facebook, I normally get a response back right away. In fact, I’m close to landing a job as a world wide copywriter for some charitable organizations.


It all started with a message on Facebook from an old friend. It did lead to a telephone conversation, however, which I think sealed the deal. It doesn’t pay much, which is ok with me because my commute is about 40 feet away.


Some young people ask people out on dates via text. Others pop the big question the same way and others break off relationships through a text message. Crazy, but that’s just how it is.


Heather is not allowed to use her cell phone unless she’s on a break, so if we need to communicate, we use email. She’s allowed to communicate that way. We try to keep it to a small number of messages, so she’s not distracted from her job.


Some idiot pedophiles, politicians and others get caught sending nude pictures or pictures of body parts. Yuk. These are some of the most stupid and despicable people on the planet. They always get caught. Some go to prison, while others are ousted from their political jobs.


Bullies use social media because they lack the courage to say something face to face, or they can inflict much more damage with a couple of buttons being pressed. This is horrible and has caused irreparable damage in so many cases, the police have really gotten involved.


Even our enemies use social media to recruit terrorists on US soil. The messages are normally encrypted, but we have some of the best minds in the world who can decode this chatter and have averted many threats against our country and citizens. Bravo!


Those are the ugly parts of social media. Personally, I enjoy it. Obviously, I plug my blog on all kinds of sites. So, if you want to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, see the information below. Or you can just leave a comment at the bottom of the blog.

See you tomorrow.

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